Shock Collars

Shiba dog with blue shock collar

Ideally most pet dog owners think of just doing away with training, relying on need to know system. Giving a pet training only when the situation dictates it would seem to benefit the owner more than the pet. Training on a need to know basis primes your pet to be a confused and aggressive pet, while you on the other hand would have to contend with having a fit all the time your pet doesn’t do as expected. Giving it a whack or wagging your finger at it or even shouting at your pet after what you consider as ‘misbehavior’ just adds to his confusion and its impression that you are “… definitely not a pack leader”.

Dog training is a responsibility we take upon ourselves as we open our homes to that furry mutt, breed or no breed. From the time your pet dog got born, it is conditioned to learn behavioral do’s and don’ts from its mother. With this established, we are just taking up where its mom left off. Basic pet dog training would include potty, off-zones, come when called, on leash and tricks call for patience and treats or clickers. Skills training on the other hand have a more rigid system, often needing training aids to motivate the pet dog.

Dog training collars like the shock collars are used for conditioning or response generation. Special training and a skilled trainer are key ingredients to having a pet dog do an exact or an equivalent action, shock collars are used to help in instilling the lesson. Untrained hunting and sporting dogs get distracted or preoccupied with other things instead of being in ‘hunt and retrieve’ mode. Most pet dogs qualifying for rigid skills training have talent and are bred for special skills.

Misconceptions are common, this generation’s shock collars are often mistaken as its initially crude proto-type. Present day shock collars have several levels ans settings that its transceiver can adjust in a split second. Shock collars also have a safety default system that overrides correction that lasts more than 8-10 seconds. Dog training collar manufacturers spend a fortune on research and development of products similar to shock collars. Harm done with the use of this device is expected, pet owners tend to get too impatient or pulse happy that they extend correction to their pet’s discomfort.

With all things that concern pet’s welfare, a responsible and level headed pet owner is also needed for your pet’s success in training.

Pet Accessories

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