Check Out Some Useful Tips for Tailgating With Your Dog

Red and white toy poodle puppy

Well, football season is approaching, and it means it is the time for tailgating parties. These types of events set the perfect environment where your dog can socialize with other dogs and people and enjoy the event to the fullest. But in all these things, you should emphasize the safety of your dog first. 

When the temperature starts to fall, people from across the world get excited about football season. Some people start packing their food and drinks, and buying their favorite team’s jersey, cap, dabbing paint on their face, and so on. After all, it is tailgating time. If you have planned to bring your dog along with you to join the event, here are a few tips that you should keep in mind.

You Should Always Make Your Dog a Priority 

Well, you may easily get flounced away with the fun of tailgating. But your dog should be your first priority if you are taking him along with you. Never leave your dog alone in the crowd, take a maximum of one or two drinks throughout the event, and always pay attention to your furry friend’s requirements. 

Try to Keep Your Furry Friend Hydrated Always 

It is a natural tendency that people with long days of activities make people thirsty. Similarly, dogs with long days of activities feel thirsty, and therefore, you should always keep a watch to keep your dogs hydrated all the time. He should get water whenever he needs it while tailgating. 

Give Periodic Breaks For Recharge 

You should give periodic breaks to your dogs during the entire celebration. Since it is completely a new environment, it may prove a bit stressful for the dog. Therefore, it is better to take short breaks during the activities so that he or she gets enough time to relax and feel relieved. 

Let Your Friends Know Not to Feed Your Pup

You should let your friends inform them not to feed your furry friend anything. You should request them to clean up everything if they drop food or any such thing accidentally on the floor. Eating certain types of human food may cause an upset stomach in your furry friend, and therefore, you need to be very much careful. Make sure you let them know that you bring your furry friend for tailgating. 

Try To Carry Healthy Snack Items With You 

The best time to feed your furry friend is before and after the game. In between, you can consider giving him tasty snacks that contain low calories and give unlimited fun and enjoyment. You can carry healthy food items like veggies, fruits, and carrots to feed your hungry stomachs. 

Keep Your Furry Friend on a Leash 

As you are taking your furry friend to a public event where many people will gather, there is always the risk of getting lost. So, you have to take some preventive measures like an ID tag or a cage built with an invisible fence. Some dog owners prefer to use the fence to ensure the security of their furry friends. 

Understand the Body Language of Your Dog 

If you notice any abnormal signs in your dog, such as excessive panting, or stress, it is the right time to take him out of the crowd. Choose a shaded, cool place where you can make him sit and then go back to the event. If you find that he is not happy with going back, you should pack your stuff and come back home. There will be many such tailgating events that you can enjoy with your furry friend. 

The Weather Should be Alright 

Once you have decided to take your dog to a tailgating event, make sure you check out the weather forecast for the day. If the weather report does not come positive, don’t take your furry friend along with you as he or she may feel uncomfortable. If the temperature is too high, it may overheat your dog. So, make sure you check out the weather forecast and take proper measures before taking your furry friend to the event. 

Keep Your Dog Aside From Obnoxious People

As tailgating parties are all about cheering, drinking, and loudness, these types of parties also attract obnoxious people. It is best to keep your furry friend away from such people who are loud, drunk, and disrespectful to dogs. It may make your dog feel uncomfortable. So, it is better to keep your dog aside from such people. 

Avoid Overwhelming Situations for Your Dogs

If you find that your dog is feeling overwhelmed, you must try to take them out of such situations. It may happen that your dog wants to go for a walk or wants to come out from the event temporarily. But if you find your dog is stressed out, you should directly bring your dog home. 

Clean Up Every Time 

If you are taking your furry friend to a tailgating event, you should not forget to carry pet waste bags with you. This is considered etiquette in tailgating parties to clean up the area properly before after your dog before heading home. 

Therefore, these are some of the important tips that you should follow for tailgating your dogs.

Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash