Where To Look

Establishing the type of breeder to look for, we go on to where to look. Looking for that sportdog breeder who will bring your furry buddy sidekick is like having to choose from a police line-up. You have an idea who to look for, it’s just positive I.D. that’s just needed.

Area Kennel Clubs are great sources for knowledgable about the breed you plan to purchase. The members are usually so into the breed they have and will keep you informed of the breeds characteristics or breed do’s and don’ts that they have found out through their experience with the breed. Members are mostly breeders and have a master list of some breeders near you.

Obedience training clubs, they have a first hand experience of how dog temperaments go from breeders they have helped train or offered training to. They’d even have inside information about the workings of sportdog breeders when it comes to expected litter.

Veterinarians are good soundboards of dog breeders around the area. It is a bigger advantage if they treat most sportdog breeders’ dogs. They can also answer preliminary questions you ask, helping you tick off unsuitables from your list.

The ones mentioned above are primary sources for advice, information, experience, tips and recommendation. Let’s go on to the secondary sources…

Boarding Kennel operators usually have preferred breeders for whatever reason. Talking with them can enlighten you to trivial information which just may come up useful in your considering whether to drop a prospective breeder from your list to save you time and effort.

Groomers and pet supply outlets each have an influx of sportdog breeder customers whome they see once in a while. Whatever you learn may be of use on a phone call you make to breeders or while you go for a look-see.

Don’t let the process discourage you, this is the quest for a lifetime home and hunting companion.