Types Of Breeders

A Hobbyist Breeder is an avid fan and owner of a sire and a dam or two of the same breed with excellent health, pedigree and temperament. These people breed to sustain the bloodline and nothing else. These sort of breeders limit their litter and adhere to a breeding plan that they developed. They are the type of breeder that provide the proper human association and basic environment stimuli. Puppies from this kind of breeder are surely raised in the home or has a clean and neat kennel just out back. These quality dog breeders openly treat prospective buyers with mistrust, the attachment and the worry for their pup’s welfare is just eating them up. They usually get over having to give their pup up once trust is established.

A Commercial Breeder is one you must watch out for. Sure they are inspected every year by the USDA, state agencies and at times the AKC. But the concern for the inspection is for the kennel surroundings and upkeep. Keeping a look out on surroundings or kennel standards are just the start, commercial breeders have several dogs of several breeds.

Breeding for them is a year round activity and not a seasonal or planned development for its kennel. Pups are considered as products and not family. It is not possible to see dollar signs in a commercial breeders eyes when looking at their pups, just ask when puppies are available, an “all year round” sort of answer gives you confirmation of their breeding motivation.

Expect pups to be in a low nutritional state, unscreened for genetic diseases, unhealthy (having all pups checked will eat up their profit!). What’s worse is you’d be given a pup that is not suited for your sporting needs. This sort of breeders do not know how to recommend a good hunt companion- in a large year-round kennel, basic sportdog training is not supported by the breeder. Besides, it is proven that commercial breeders have no litter plan, pedigree chart of each pup or proper registration.

An Amateur Breeder is a breeder who got into the vocation by accident- usually because of unspayed and unneutered pets of the same breed. These breeders usually base their motivations on how cute their dogs look and they’d want to spurt out photocopies of these dogs and sell it. Wet behind the ears, these breeders are clueless about national and international breed standards, the role of genetics and health methods.
Good thing there is hope for breeders of this type. Because of their interest in sportdog breeding they will find their way to either a serious hobbyist or a profiteering commerial breeder.