Tri-Tronics has been around since 1968, ever present for the evolving techniques and innovations of the dog training collar. Said to be the recognized leader in remote trainers and training collars, Tri-Tronics have several models to suit every companion or sport dog owner needs. It is the only manufacturing company for dog training collars that makes its products in the USA, they’d respond faster to customer’s needs.

A basic feature of every Tri-Tronics training collars would be water-proof transmitters and receivers, electronic parts are protected by the smooth casing. Different models have control switches that may be a combination of button-dial-mode switch-toggle or button-mode switch-dial. Ranges vary according to model, the shortest range would be half a mile these models are used for correction, training and waterfowl hunting. A mile range goes for models used for waterfowl and upland use while the higher range of 2 miles are the ones used for hunting game.

Being on its latest generation of training collar evolution, Tri-Tronics has 6-10 base levels, all dependent on model and make. The levels are operated by buttons and other device features on the transmitter, refer to manual once you’ve bought one. Remember to find out your pets correctional level before starting the training.

Two Tri-Tronics models, G2 Field Series and G2 Pro Series, operate one dog per transmitter. All G2 EXP and Sport G3 operate on a 3-dog capacity. While the Classic 70 G2 Exp and Trashbreaker can handle up to 6 dogs. Expanding dog capacity is called field-marrying, to go from 1-dog to multiple-dog is not that easy though, instructions must be followed to a “T”. There are colors on the switch that identify the color of the collar and several sounds to hear out to know it in effect. Nick and continuous current correction is done in one button only, it is dependent on how you tap or push the button. If you get too “push- button-happy” there is a 9 second break- for the dogs’ sake and until you’ve come to your senses.

Tri-Tronics training collars are what the company claims it to be: durable, simplicity and consistent performing. They’d be more versatile though if their range doesn’t go below 1 mi.