Among all the manufacturers of dog training collars, SportDog puts it plain and simple. Their products are made with the sportsman and sportdog in mind. This company bases its product’s features on the type of hunting or need.

Basic feature of a SportDog training models would be the DryTek technology. Researchers have found out that ‘water resistant’ does not guarantee a malfunction because of water immersion. DryTek takes the receiver and transmitter to TOTAL water proof gear. Sportdog products can be immersed in up to 25 feet of water and used several hours on a session without a waver in its signal. What is best with this product is the versatility of all collars. One collar can fit any of the transmitters, you don’t have to be on the waiting list and wait a lifetime for delivery.

Not all hunting sessions have the same requirements but all Sportdog training collars have factory set functions on its receivers and transmitters put in as safety measures for sportsman and sportdog. A nick setting is just that, ‘nick setting’. This setting gives a nick 5/1000′s of a second no matter how long you push the button. Hound Hunting is best done with a dog training collar with 30continuous and 20 momentary correction settings, making it the best for all breeds and temperament of any dog. A correction may be set easily by the toggle, knobs and button, instructions are direct and exact.

SportDog talk about their products as gear, fittingly giving the impression of rugged durability and function. For Upland Gear all gear are all-terrain, multi-dog system capable and option to have a beeper locator added. The Waterfowl Gear comes in camo covered lightweight transmitter and collar that stays tough in any weather and in long hours. The Waterfowl Gear also has several correction levels in varying levels in different modes. Hound Hunting Gear has a pistol-grip transmitter which makes it easier to run track your hounds, not like the bar-soap types that may slip your grasp making you lose valuable hunt time.

What’s impressive is research assistants are trained and active sportdogs, which assures you that all the bases are covered.