Right Questions

Just like any western face off, both you and the breeder are going to pick on each others brains and find a common footing and maybe, just maybe an agreement.

Keep in mind breeder’s answer ALL questions about their kennel and litter with certainty. Looking around the place, you might see dogs in different stages of development. This is so because they are not desperate to sell their pups to just anyone. Most sportdog breeders are huntsmen themselves and talk about the breed they breed like its an exact science (it is actually).

They willingly put their word and honor to guarantee that all puppies are physically sound and are ready to replace a pup just in case a disease emerges. They treat their dogs and pups like family and will let you know in advance that they’d appreciate updates and will visit at times. When talking to a true-blue breeder, there is always a sense of responsibility towards their pups. As stated before, don’t mind being sized up, you’d be doing the same thing at the same time anyway.

Here are some questions that come in handy…
Is there a puppy in your litter that will suit my need?
Responsible breeders know their existing litter like they know their kin, every quirk and quality, a pup suitable would come to mind. If there is none, they’d say so and maybe clue you in on the next litter.

How old would the puppy be before i can purchase one?
Generally anywhere between 7-8 weeks. Pups need basic training like bite control, submissiveness and other proper canine behavior from the mother dog. Getting a pup “anytime you want” should alarm you, the breeder is clueless or chances are they’re not the breeders. If a breeder says this to you, move on to the next on the list.

Are the parents here?
Seeing the parents with the pups show how their temperaments are. You can also go over the parents features or coloring. Anything going beyond the standard AKC is a cue for you to move on.

Do they have registration numbers?
Breeders who claim to have registered dogs will not hem and haw and will show you. They are experienced breeders who don’t think of profit, so they know the drill and are patient enough to find the right owner for their pups.

Are all your breeding dogs checked for eye and hip disorders?
Actually breeders who are organized will have a portfolio for each dog. The dog’s file has its pedigree certifications, registrations and all there is to know abut the dog. It is more like a dossier or a profile.

May i see a sample contract?
You like what you see? There’s a common trust with the breeder? Then ask to see the contract, you’ll see what they have put as safeguards for their dogs and expectations of you as a future sportdog owner.

A warning though, when in doubt decline to see the pups. It is difficult not to abandon the quest for the best at the sight of a wagging furry thing just asking to be bought.