From the company known for special products made for pet care and training, Petsafe have dog training collars available for small dogs. These are made for flushers (mostly springers and spaniels), collars available are water proof receivers that are lightweight. The transmitter is ergonomically designed (shaped like an old coke bottle) and fits the palm of your hand with a no-slip rubber casing. The collar has a snap-on buckle for a snug fit. The labeled receiver on the collar has indicator lights that warn you of battery status.

Features are minimal and not profound yet considered useful. The range is for 100 yds. For home training this may just be the effective way to train your pet.

With 10 correction settings. There are buttons for tone corrections and static corrections, they are easily located on the face of the transmitter but colored the same, be sure not to forget which is ‘tone only’ and ‘static’. PetSafe suggests flexible training by way of the ‘tone only’ setting, this would work for even tempered or docile dogs which startle easily. Static correction also come in different levels but likewise may be given with hard-headed dogs especially the kind that get easily distracted from tracking the right game. Levels of correction are adjustable by a thumb wheel (or dial) which is turns “easily”, making it open for slipping into a higher level by slight movement.

Another button on the side of the transmitter is separated since this is the “positive” tone button. They sort of incorporated ‘clicker-like’ principle, which might just confuse the pet with the tone only corrections.

To put this dog training shock collar to work brilliantly, its up to the trainer to do their best to creatively use this system of training.