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Obedience Training

One time or another, pet dog owners have registered and logged hours with their pet dogs in Obedience Training classes. Sending a pet dog to obedience training to be trained by someone else has a set back, the rainer does not go home with the pet and owner. As expected, almost everything learned during those classes are seldom remembered by the time they set foot at home. Both pet and owner have gone on default setting, settling where they have started.

As a guide, here are basic credo in Obedience Training.

Eye Contact- holding your pet in a stare is a very profound way of establishing your position in his life. This is not a stare-down type of eye-contact, but more of a ‘…you have to do this’ kind of stare. Once you’ve gotten your pets attention, command away.

Remembering to spew out a command that is short and clear. Obedience is very difficult to see when your pet just can’t understand you. When giving a command, be sure that there are no other distractions that may disrupt your pets attention. When a pet dog does do what you have commanded, show affection. The show of affection takes the place of treats or rewards, just to have it good with its pack leader makes a dog’s day.

An obedient dog is a dog with proper exercise. Scheduling your pet dog for walks is part of its obedience regimen. Most dogs revert to its unruliness when neglected or bored. There is no attitude problem that can’t be solved with a long energy walk. Dogs with extra unexpended energy tend to occupy themselves in any way they have a chance to.

According to a study by B.F. Skinner, pioneer in Operand Training, pet dogs respond greatly to reward. To combine a command or motion with reward and reinforcement results to a well-learned pet dog. In Skinner’s study and research, once a command or motion is learned a pet dog will still respond correctly even when reward is tapered.

For a study that began with behavioral tendencies of lab rats, had been tested on pet dogs and resulted to a fundamental way of dog training.

Tugging and yelling never really gets a dog anywhere near obedience teaching. If there were commands, motions and actions done it is out of fear. Obedience training is your pet dog being able to do a task because it was marked as the right behavior by the owner or trainer.