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From the company known for special products made for pet care and training, Petsafe have dog training collars available for small dogs. These are made for flushers (mostly springers and spaniels), collars available are water proof receivers that are lightweight. The transmitter is ergonomically designed (shaped like an old coke bottle) and fits the palm of your hand with a no-slip rubber casing. The collar has a snap-on buckle for a snug fit. The labeled receiver on the collar has indicator lights that warn you of battery status.

Features are minimal and not profound yet considered useful. The range is for 100 yds. For home training this may just be the effective way to train your pet.

With 10 correction settings. There are buttons for tone corrections and static corrections, they are easily located on the face of the transmitter but colored the same, be sure not to forget which is ‘tone only’ and ‘static’. PetSafe suggests flexible training by way of the ‘tone only’ setting, this would work for even tempered or docile dogs which startle easily. Static correction also come in different levels but likewise may be given with hard-headed dogs especially the kind that get easily distracted from tracking the right game. Levels of correction are adjustable by a thumb wheel (or dial) which is turns “easily”, making it open for slipping into a higher level by slight movement.

Another button on the side of the transmitter is separated since this is the “positive” tone button. They sort of incorporated ‘clicker-like’ principle, which might just confuse the pet with the tone only corrections.

To put this dog training shock collar to work brilliantly, its up to the trainer to do their best to creatively use this system of training.

D.T. Systems Inc.

Existing since the second generation of dog training collars were out, D.T. Systems is said to be the 2nd oldest company manufacturer of e-training collars. From 1983 up till now, they have developed several patented features.

Jump Stimulation is like the spare key to your home. This feature is programmed by you, allowing your transmitter to jump correction settings low to high or high to low or moderate to high. This comes in handy in unexpected situations such as an excited dog that doesn’t respond to its set correction or a surprisingly compliant response that your sport dog rarely complies with.

On the other hand the Rise Stimulation is a ‘red-alert’ setting which allows you to give several corrections in a rising intensity BUT in small continuous doses. At times there are dogs that just need a reminder of what and where to go, especially in field trial practice where there is just open space and intense freedom.

The newest DT Systems training collar features that have come are the following…

Positive Vibration answers calls for humane features on training collars. This involves corrections made through vibrations . A dog will be uneasy even if there is no current or tone, making a note of the vibration discomfort with the unwanted behavior.

Signal is important to sportsmen especially at long range. Most transmitter and collar connect signals by A.M. Frequency, making it difficult to track if your dog is a few feet above you. Signals bounce of crags and rock walls, with the MaxRange DTS transmitter and receiver work on the F.M. Signal signals connect easily.

The patented features of DT Systems are impressive, the down side though is that their multi-dog line is available in certain models only, not leaving any option for the other models. The same goes for it’s patented features which is available in several models only.


Among all the manufacturers of dog training collars, SportDog puts it plain and simple. Their products are made with the sportsman and sportdog in mind. This company bases its product’s features on the type of hunting or need.

Basic feature of a SportDog training models would be the DryTek technology. Researchers have found out that ‘water resistant’ does not guarantee a malfunction because of water immersion. DryTek takes the receiver and transmitter to TOTAL water proof gear. Sportdog products can be immersed in up to 25 feet of water and used several hours on a session without a waver in its signal. What is best with this product is the versatility of all collars. One collar can fit any of the transmitters, you don’t have to be on the waiting list and wait a lifetime for delivery.

Not all hunting sessions have the same requirements but all Sportdog training collars have factory set functions on its receivers and transmitters put in as safety measures for sportsman and sportdog. A nick setting is just that, ‘nick setting’. This setting gives a nick 5/1000′s of a second no matter how long you push the button. Hound Hunting is best done with a dog training collar with 30continuous and 20 momentary correction settings, making it the best for all breeds and temperament of any dog. A correction may be set easily by the toggle, knobs and button, instructions are direct and exact.

SportDog talk about their products as gear, fittingly giving the impression of rugged durability and function. For Upland Gear all gear are all-terrain, multi-dog system capable and option to have a beeper locator added. The Waterfowl Gear comes in camo covered lightweight transmitter and collar that stays tough in any weather and in long hours. The Waterfowl Gear also has several correction levels in varying levels in different modes. Hound Hunting Gear has a pistol-grip transmitter which makes it easier to run track your hounds, not like the bar-soap types that may slip your grasp making you lose valuable hunt time.

What’s impressive is research assistants are trained and active sportdogs, which assures you that all the bases are covered.


Tri-Tronics has been around since 1968, ever present for the evolving techniques and innovations of the dog training collar. Said to be the recognized leader in remote trainers and training collars, Tri-Tronics have several models to suit every companion or sport dog owner needs. It is the only manufacturing company for dog training collars that makes its products in the USA, they’d respond faster to customer’s needs.

A basic feature of every Tri-Tronics training collars would be water-proof transmitters and receivers, electronic parts are protected by the smooth casing. Different models have control switches that may be a combination of button-dial-mode switch-toggle or button-mode switch-dial. Ranges vary according to model, the shortest range would be half a mile these models are used for correction, training and waterfowl hunting. A mile range goes for models used for waterfowl and upland use while the higher range of 2 miles are the ones used for hunting game.

Being on its latest generation of training collar evolution, Tri-Tronics has 6-10 base levels, all dependent on model and make. The levels are operated by buttons and other device features on the transmitter, refer to manual once you’ve bought one. Remember to find out your pets correctional level before starting the training.

Two Tri-Tronics models, G2 Field Series and G2 Pro Series, operate one dog per transmitter. All G2 EXP and Sport G3 operate on a 3-dog capacity. While the Classic 70 G2 Exp and Trashbreaker can handle up to 6 dogs. Expanding dog capacity is called field-marrying, to go from 1-dog to multiple-dog is not that easy though, instructions must be followed to a “T”. There are colors on the switch that identify the color of the collar and several sounds to hear out to know it in effect. Nick and continuous current correction is done in one button only, it is dependent on how you tap or push the button. If you get too “push- button-happy” there is a 9 second break- for the dogs’ sake and until you’ve come to your senses.

Tri-Tronics training collars are what the company claims it to be: durable, simplicity and consistent performing. They’d be more versatile though if their range doesn’t go below 1 mi.


Innotek is one of the dog training collar manufacturers heading the top of list. For starters they cater to all types and breeds of dogs, small dog breeds to large ones, with unit models specially made for each size. A lot of thought is put in all the models that are suited for a particular set of breed sizes, yet there are standard throw-ins and some settings available as basic features. Innnotek dog training collars use Lithium Ion batteries on their newly purchased units. Which bring us to the only drawback Innotek has, expensive and non-chargeable batteries. The silver lining to this is that the batteries last from 3 to 5 years.

All units have a ‘warning tone’ option where in a pet owner can opt to correct or reinforce by warning tone and not by current correction. Innotek is one of the brands that are versatile enough to offer model units that may be used as containment and training, the convenience of teaching your pet and keeping him from places is all in one hand-held transmitter and a receiver collar. Imagine being able to keep your pet dogs un-leashed on a walk on the beach and when you get home keep tabs on him.

Adding another dog to your Innotek brand is easy, most collars are available in most pet stores, by the way most Innotek models have multiple lines and function features that let you handle them in a cinch.

Innotek has designed several special units that offer fade-free signal especially for sport dog training collars. Most brands boast of 1-1 ½ mile radius, what they don’t say is IF terrain and weather permits. Innotek’ fade-free signal means just that…no mountain so high or foliage so dense that can keep your pet away from Innotek’s signal. A built-in antenna makes signal clear even over other frequencies bouncing-off crags or water.

Over all Innotek never disappoints nor does it break-up in pieces when dropped lots of times.

Bottom line Innotek has more to signal and dual functions. There is nothing you’d want more (GPS maybe…), you just have to look for Lithium Ion batteries or replacements in 3-5 years. Or better yet, save up for several.


The Dogtra Company is a California based manufacturer that makes several lines of dog training collars which work on remote. Their products range from devices for small breed dogs to an array of sport dog breeds. The thing that’s got their e-collars more preferred is its rheostat variable intensity, its all settings from low to high in several levels per setting- multi levels for each setting allows an owner to correct one on one.

The collar set is non-programmable and does not need to run on if’s and but’s. The collar system depends mostly on its rheostat to control correction since all DogTra units do not need pre-programming or constant programming unless for additional dogs. This training collar device has a statsic correction set at low levels and may be alternated with nicks and pager mode.

There are several models of Dogtra training collars that can handle up to 4 dogs that may be controlled on just 1 transmitter. Intermittent checks may be done on 4 dogs because of the transmitters easy hold and dual-dog buttons,(dogs 1&3 and 2&4 share a button).

Like all sporting dog training collars, all Dogtra products are waterproof and have a mile-long range.Yet as advertised e-collars or dog training collars go, the claim to mile-long range would always depend on terrain and circumstance. Another thing to frown about with Dogtra e-collars is its being incapable of handling big dog breeds, DogTra’s is best recommended for even tempered breeds and small dogs.

Bottom line, Dogtra training collars work for dogs that are not ferocious.The rheostat variable intensity will be pointless since big and ferocious dogs need a stronger stimuli to get their attention.

Advice for pet dog owners, consider your pet dog’s size and breed before considering any brand. Effective training comes with a pet’s response to the training reinforcement (collar).


The progressive climb of quality in dog training collars has increased. During the reign of the first generation training collars these were called “shock collars”, with the sole ability to give off an electrical charge if a command or motion is not recognized or done. Dogs were expected to turn out to obedient yet ended up not learning but fearing.

First generation dog training collars were invented to train good hunt dogs. The crude design didn’t allow much for freedom not even relief when correction is done. Veteran dog trainers who had used this type of training acknowledge the lack of intensity control when it came to the original training model.

With experience and knowledge of what was needed, manufacturing of a second generation dog shock collar resulted to a collar receiver with 3 intensity settings (depending on the brand). Though it was more streamlined, the settings were not enough. Just like the first training collar, the settings were still too strong for mild corrections.

Still in the market for a more effective training tool, manufacturers gone back to the drawing board for a more pet-friendly intensity feature. Several dog training collars brands have 3 or more intensity settings plus safeguards against mistaken corrections (signal interference or jamming).

The manufacturers were the key in refining dog training collars as they are today and will be in the future. In continuing the commitment, every dog training collars can be controlled by hand-held transmitter with several correctional levels and under that are three intensity adjustments.

With the present development, the dog training collar still has one more hurdle to overcome: misuse. As much as the design is made for the pet’s comfort, its an owner’s misuse of the gadget that is causing more controversy.

Some manufacturers have gone to sponsoring instruction books on how to train with a dog training collar. A step by step, verse by verse walk through the proper use of the training collar; is how the collar’s misuse is addressed. Literature on the proper use and how-to’s are a step to educate owners and give the public a view of how the device was meant to be used.

Despite several attacks by nay-sayers, manufacturers of dog training collars still go on looking for better ways for pets and owners to achieve best training with the use of this device.