Innotek is one of the dog training collar manufacturers heading the top of list. For starters they cater to all types and breeds of dogs, small dog breeds to large ones, with unit models specially made for each size. A lot of thought is put in all the models that are suited for a particular set of breed sizes, yet there are standard throw-ins and some settings available as basic features. Innnotek dog training collars use Lithium Ion batteries on their newly purchased units. Which bring us to the only drawback Innotek has, expensive and non-chargeable batteries. The silver lining to this is that the batteries last from 3 to 5 years.

All units have a ‘warning tone’ option where in a pet owner can opt to correct or reinforce by warning tone and not by current correction. Innotek is one of the brands that are versatile enough to offer model units that may be used as containment and training, the convenience of teaching your pet and keeping him from places is all in one hand-held transmitter and a receiver collar. Imagine being able to keep your pet dogs un-leashed on a walk on the beach and when you get home keep tabs on him.

Adding another dog to your Innotek brand is easy, most collars are available in most pet stores, by the way most Innotek models have multiple lines and function features that let you handle them in a cinch.

Innotek has designed several special units that offer fade-free signal especially for sport dog training collars. Most brands boast of 1-1 ½ mile radius, what they don’t say is IF terrain and weather permits. Innotek’ fade-free signal means just that…no mountain so high or foliage so dense that can keep your pet away from Innotek’s signal. A built-in antenna makes signal clear even over other frequencies bouncing-off crags or water.

Over all Innotek never disappoints nor does it break-up in pieces when dropped lots of times.

Bottom line Innotek has more to signal and dual functions. There is nothing you’d want more (GPS maybe…), you just have to look for Lithium Ion batteries or replacements in 3-5 years. Or better yet, save up for several.