The Dogtra Company is a California based manufacturer that makes several lines of dog training collars which work on remote. Their products range from devices for small breed dogs to an array of sport dog breeds. The thing that’s got their e-collars more preferred is its rheostat variable intensity, its all settings from low to high in several levels per setting- multi levels for each setting allows an owner to correct one on one.

The collar set is non-programmable and does not need to run on if’s and but’s. The collar system depends mostly on its rheostat to control correction since all DogTra units do not need pre-programming or constant programming unless for additional dogs. This training collar device has a statsic correction set at low levels and may be alternated with nicks and pager mode.

There are several models of Dogtra training collars that can handle up to 4 dogs that may be controlled on just 1 transmitter. Intermittent checks may be done on 4 dogs because of the transmitters easy hold and dual-dog buttons,(dogs 1&3 and 2&4 share a button).

Like all sporting dog training collars, all Dogtra products are waterproof and have a mile-long range.Yet as advertised e-collars or dog training collars go, the claim to mile-long range would always depend on terrain and circumstance. Another thing to frown about with Dogtra e-collars is its being incapable of handling big dog breeds, DogTra’s is best recommended for even tempered breeds and small dogs.

Bottom line, Dogtra training collars work for dogs that are not ferocious.The rheostat variable intensity will be pointless since big and ferocious dogs need a stronger stimuli to get their attention.

Advice for pet dog owners, consider your pet dog’s size and breed before considering any brand. Effective training comes with a pet’s response to the training reinforcement (collar).