D.T. Systems Inc.

Existing since the second generation of dog training collars were out, D.T. Systems is said to be the 2nd oldest company manufacturer of e-training collars. From 1983 up till now, they have developed several patented features.

Jump Stimulation is like the spare key to your home. This feature is programmed by you, allowing your transmitter to jump correction settings low to high or high to low or moderate to high. This comes in handy in unexpected situations such as an excited dog that doesn’t respond to its set correction or a surprisingly compliant response that your sport dog rarely complies with.

On the other hand the Rise Stimulation is a ‘red-alert’ setting which allows you to give several corrections in a rising intensity BUT in small continuous doses. At times there are dogs that just need a reminder of what and where to go, especially in field trial practice where there is just open space and intense freedom.

The newest DT Systems training collar features that have come are the following…

Positive Vibration answers calls for humane features on training collars. This involves corrections made through vibrations . A dog will be uneasy even if there is no current or tone, making a note of the vibration discomfort with the unwanted behavior.

Signal is important to sportsmen especially at long range. Most transmitter and collar connect signals by A.M. Frequency, making it difficult to track if your dog is a few feet above you. Signals bounce of crags and rock walls, with the MaxRange DTS transmitter and receiver work on the F.M. Signal signals connect easily.

The patented features of DT Systems are impressive, the down side though is that their multi-dog line is available in certain models only, not leaving any option for the other models. The same goes for it’s patented features which is available in several models only.