Brown dog on grass with a dark collar on its neck

The Complete Guide To Dog Training Collars

  • Check Out Some Useful Tips for Tailgating With Your Dog

    Well, football season is approaching, and it means it is the time for tailgating parties. These types of events set the perfect environment where your dog can socialize with other dogs and people and enjoy the event to the fullest. But in all these things, you should emphasize the safety of your dog first.

  • SportDog Training

    Choosing the right pup is the first step to sportdog training. Experts and experienced sportdog trainers have said that the best training can’t stand up against a pup that just wasn’t made to be a gundog.

  • SportDog Breeders

    Just like any western face off, both you and the breeder are going to pick on each others brains and find a common footing and maybe, just maybe an agreement.

  • Obedience Training

    One time or another, pet dog owners have registered and logged hours with their pet dogs in Obedience Training classes. Sending a pet dog to obedience training to be trained by someone else has a set back, the rainer does not go home with the pet and owner.

  • Manufacturers

    From the company known for special products made for pet care and training, Petsafe have dog training collars available for small dogs. These are made for flushers (mostly springers and spaniels), collars available are water proof receivers that are lightweight.

  • Tracking Collars

    Hunting with one or several dogs was never easy with the use of the ‘bell’ method. In the wake of tracking collars the trouble of keeping track of hunting dogs was done away with.

  • Shock Collars

    Ideally most pet dog owners think of just doing away with training, relying on “need to know” system. Giving a pet training only when the situation dictates it would seem to benefit the owner more than the pet.

  • Beeper Collars

    This dog training collar functions in two modes: run/point and point. Both modes can be used according to the hunters’ preference and need.

  • Bark Collars

    Not all dogs have the same learning and attitude and demeanor. Training pet dogs not only depend on a dogs breed but also in its temperament and its lineage (if dog is a mix).

  • Types Of Collars

    Our dogs affect our lives in in different ways, they are involved in every aspect of a pet owner’s life that different types of dog training collars are needed. Evolved from fierce or fighting dogs, some dogs have temperaments that only a shock collar can aid a dog trainer.