Brown dog on grass with a dark collar on its neck

The Complete Guide To Dog Training Collars

  • Safe Barriers: Everything You Need to Know About Electric Dog Fences

    When you’re equipped with all the essential information about electric dog fences, you can make an informed decision.

  • Check Out Some Useful Tips for Tailgating With Your Dog

    If you have planned to bring your dog along with you to join the event, here are a few tips that you should keep in mind.

  • SportDog Training

    Experts and SportDog trainers have said that the best training can’t stand up against a pup that just wasn’t made to be a gun dog.

  • SportDog Breeders

    Most SportDog breeders are huntsmen themselves and talk about the breed they breed like its an exact science (it is actually).

  • Obedience Training

    One time or another, pet dog owners have registered and logged hours with their pet dogs in Obedience Training classes.

  • Manufacturers

    Among all the manufacturers of dog training collars, SportDog puts it plain and simple. Their products are made with the SportsMan in mind.

  • Tracking Collars

    A tracking collar set consists of a radio/collar transmitter (worn by dog) and a receiver (held by handler).

  • Shock Collars

    Dog training collars are used for conditioning or response generation. Special training and a skilled trainer are key ingredients.

  • Beeper Collars

    The beeper collar works with the use of motion sensors that is dependent on the dogs movement, while the beep signals what the dog is doing.

  • Bark Collars

    Bark Collars work as an inhibitor of a dog’s bark. Before deciding on buying a bark collar, it is best to know if your pet’s barking fit.